Parasite: A Group Chat

Language, genre or scale has never constrained South Korean director, Bong Joon-ho. With a voracious appetite for both genre delights and intimate drama, Bong has made everything from Korean crime thrillers like Memories of a Murder (2003), to blockbuster creature features like The Host (2006) and Okja (2017). Uniting his diverse filmography and international casts is his commitment in telling stories that cut to the heart of social relationships and systems of power.

A few weeks ago at the Sydney Film Festival, Rough Cut contributors, Michael Sun, Zach Karpinellison and Claire Cao, saw Bong’s Palme-dor winner Parasite. The film’s many twists and shocks have kept the three chatting ever since. Clearly the contents of the ‘Bong d’Or’ group chat foretold of the film’s success, with the Sydney Film Festival jury recently awarding Bong the $60,000 Sydney Film Prize.

Discussions of melodrama, class tensions and hot dads ensue. There’s even a little dissent about the way the movie ends. Here we go:

Hosted by Zach Karpinellison

This group chat contains plot points that could be considered spoilers.

Zach Karpinellison

Zach Karpinellison is lucky enough to put films on screen almost every day as projectionist for Golden Age Cinema and Bar. He writes reviews and criticism and gets very angry about Netflix pretending to be woke. Every Monday night he co-hosts a radio show called Send Moods for SURG FM and his super specific content can be found @karpinellison.