Rough Cut is now open for pitches!

We are excited to announce that Rough Cut is now accepting pitches for reviews, features, essays (including video essays), and interviews. Content is important to us, but so is form, so feel free to pitch something unique! Before you pitch, make sure you read our About page to familiarise yourself with our site and what we publish.

We welcome anyone to pitch to us, particularly those who are emerging, as long as you have an interesting and well thought out idea or angle. At Rough Cut, we strive to give voice to those lacking a platform to express their ideas, and so especially encourage pitches from PoC, female, people living with a disability, non-binary, and queer critics.

Please note that Rough Cut is voluntarily run and so we are unfortunately not currently in a position to pay our writers. However, in turn, we endeavour to provide a supportive and thorough editorial process to help workshop your piece if it is accepted.

If you’re interested, please email with the subject heading ‘PITCH:_______’.

In your pitch, please include:

  • What you want to talk or write about, and why
  • The form or manner you wish express it in e.g. review, feature, video essay
  • Your film-related interests/expertise
  • Any writing experience (if any) and/ or writing samples

Rough Cut focuses on Australian releases, festivals, and retrospectives, as well as films available on streaming sites (e.g. Netflix, Stan, SBS On Demand), so please pitch on films that will be readily accessible to the Australian public at the proposed time of publication.

All pitches can expect a reply within 3-5 days of the email being sent. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us at