ROUGH CUT is a newly-established online Australian film publication, run by a group of budding critics passionate about film and the different conversations that can be generated around it. Our website’s ethos is committed to championing film criticism through a mixed media approach. We aim, therefore, to expand the form of traditional film criticism, suggesting that criticism need not be limited to reviews and features, but may also include video essays, podcasts, and free-flowing reflections.

ROUGH CUT maintains the democratic ideal that film criticism should and can be a wholly accessible medium. We uphold thoughtfulness and depth of analysis, whilst stressing clarity and comprehensibility. Dedicated to intelligent and informed analysis, ROUGH CUT seeks to simultaneously challenge and invigorate the way we think and talk about films.  

Our desire to open up the scope and possibilities of film criticism originates not only from what or how we critique, but also, from who is critiquing. We aim to give voice to a younger, more representative group of critics, who bring with them a wider set of perspectives, expertise and interests.

Founded and based in Australia, ROUGH CUT offers thorough coverage timely to Australian releases, festivals and retrospectives.

Founding Members & Staff Writers:  Ivana Brehas, Samuel Harris, Eliza Janssen, Valerie Ng, André Shannon, Claire White, Debbie Zhou

Managing Editors: Valerie Ng & Debbie Zhou

Editors: Samuel Harris & Eliza Janssen

Social Media: Claire White

Industry Liaison: André Shannon

Designer: Nick Hansen